“Everybody has the same needs in retirement, but everybody makes the same mistakes.” -John Labunski
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“Everyone in retirement has the same needs, but everyone makes the same mistakes.” --John Labunski


To fix the future, we must first look at the past and often times confront the present.

After working with thousands of baby boomers and retirees, a few things became very apparent…

The BIGGIE… most people only look to two places for retirement investments… Wall Street and Banks.

Why? “That is what my father did”… “That is what I thought I had to do”… but after we meet them we hear “I never knew that these types of vehicles existed, or I would have been here sooner”.

Let’s dissect the old school two options:

Wall Street/Brokers… what do they sell? Risk (which long ago it was for the wild possibility of returns) into things you know nothing about and do not watch or manage, and worse, neither does the broker.

Question 1: How much of your retirement assets are you prepared to risk over the next month, six months, year, ten years? 25%? 50%? 75%? or 100%?

Common answer most of the time? Maybe 25%...or a very sheepish 50%? Really???!!!

Now same question but 0% risk……25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%?

LOUD ANSWER 99.99% of the time… Zero (but my broker never offered that option).

Do you hear those little excuses? And yes they are excuses.

BUT you do not need excuses, you did not put your hard earned retirement at risk… SOMEONE ELSE DID. AND YOU TRUSTED THAT NICE GUY/FRIEND/RELATIVE/REFERAL TO DO THE RIGHT THING DID!

Remember…what does that HUGE brokerage house pay that broker to do? Invest my money….WRONG! Get your money! Most brokers today are salesman/employees, and they do like you do at work…exactly what the boss says to do, and what the firm that writes their paycheck demands. If you go to McDonalds they expect you want a burger and fries when you walk in. Same at a brokerage office, you want stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It is called statutory responsibility, not fiduciary responsibility, which is a huge ongoing fight in Washington DC today!

What you need is not another stack of Mutual Funds because your last stock lost $300,000. You need new options, options that better match your Investor Profile! And your needs! If you are 5 to 15 years from Retirement, you are in the Red Zone… and you must begin to transition your assets from growth/risk, into safety/reduced risk, and positioned for income.

RWTR-NYSE-buildingEveryone fears “CHANGE”… we do as well, and has been a part of our inner psychologies since the Cave Man.

We prefer OPTIONS. Choices… are good! And yes, there are thousands of “options” available to grow and protect your IRA’s, 403b and 401k roll over accounts, and retirement funds…with choices for growth, guarantees, income and tax advantages. Best of all… most are guaranteed you will never lose a penny, but have upside for growth to stay ahead of inflation and provide an income stream for life!

You chose…

  1. A. a funds in the stock market with risk of loss, unknown gains, poor past 10 year historical returns, that has fees;
  2. B. a fund with gains mirroring the stock market, with guaranteed no risk, no fees, historical gains that meet or exceed your needs, and provisions for an income stream for you and to protect your spouse if something happens to you, and then passes along a Legacy to your kids and grandkids in your Estate.

Which would you chose? A or B?

I know an easy and obvious choice… ”but I did not know those options were available”, and “why didn’t my broker, banker and CPA offer these alternates”? WE HEAR THESE QUESTIONS FROM CALLERS TO THE RADIO SHOW IN MEETINGS EVERY DAY!

Surprise… and that is not it!

What if the gains that you get to keep and spend in retirement, or pass along in your Estate are actually better than the stock market? Surprise, for most… the gains have been far better in safety, than at risk.

Why… LOSS.

Imagine this…… $500,000 IRA

                         X -50% (50% loss)

                         $250,000 IRA

RWTR Math Quiz

Question 1 You lost 50%, what gain do you need in % to get back to even?
Answer 50%? Nope. 75%? Nope…..100%!

Question 2 How long will it take to get back to $500,000? 100% gain?

Question 3 If you lost 50%, and need to make back 100%... what chance do you have in that loser account you were in?

Answer DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO LOSE THE 50%!; It is 100% avoidable.

It Happens! If you had $500,000 in October 2007 in the indexes, what would you have left March 2009?

And, let's not forget to Remember 2000, 2001, and 2002? Yes... it happens.

RWTR-Houston_skylineImagine… you were working hard, 55 and had $500,000 in an IRA in the S&P500 Index in 1999. Now fast forward 10 years. You are now 65, ready for that gold watch and retirement…but there is a problem. You do not have the $1,000,000 you had planned on having to retire! In fact, you find out you no longer have your $500,000!

Surprise… your IRA is below $380,000 (less fees).


Result… work another 15 years to 80, or retire poor. 100% AVOIDABLE!

Wait… it gets worse…

Now imagine you are 65 and Retired, and need $25,000 to live. In 10 years your $500,000 IRA in the S&P500 would be running out of money…down to less than $180,000!

Math Lesson = The Solution

Same Baby Boomers invested in fixed/safe retirement vehicles…

$500,000 invested at 5% fixed compounded for 10 years = $800,000 +

$500,000 invested at 8% fixed compounded for 10 years = $1,000,000 +

$500,000 invested at 10% fixed compounded for 10 years = $1,290,000 +

Now imagine you are Retired, and need that same $25,000 a year to live. Easy!

In a 5% fixed account, you can take and spend $25,000 a year forever… and have your initial $500,000!

“The greatest mathematical discovery of the Human Race… Compound Interest” --Albert Einstein

There are 3 Phases of Retirement that our listeners are in and working towards.

3 Phases of Retirement: Work, Income, Transfer

Work Phase

This is our 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. We are working, building our retirements.

Focus in this first phase is building our assets, growing our families, and getting into The American Dream.

401k, IRA’s and Roth IRA’s are your kick start toward retirement. If you leave your employer, that 401k is available to rollover into an IRA, and we have many great options to protect and grow those IRA’s and Roth IRA’s. Rule 1…Don’t Lose It (remember the tortoise and the hare!)

THE RED ZONE… is called approximately 5 to 15 years prior to retirement, so at age 50 to 65. We are at the end of the Work Phase, and we must begin to “transition” toward retirement.

In this transition we begin to reduce risk of loss, maximize our savings from our checkbook to our Put & Keep Retirement Accounts, and work towards positioning our retirement accounts for income, and less and less for risky growth.

Susie Roman said recently on The Today Show... ”when you are 10 to 15 years from retirement, you must move your assets out of risk into safety so that they will be there when you need them”.

Income Phase

We are retired. Whew! Finally. Now, what is #1 risk to your retirement? Yes… LOSS!

We say on the radio show every week… "everyone has the same needs in retirement, and everyone makes the same mistakes".

Retiree Mistake List

Leaving your assets at risk
Large sums in banks or money markets (guaranteed to lose 50 to 70%!..to inflation)
No income Plan
No Retirement Plan on Paper… reportability assures responsibility!
No Plan to Minimize Taxes
Taxes robbing your Social Security
No provisions for “What If”

Transfer Phase

Is at that point when all of your retirement needs are met or exceeded. At this point we have to address a proper plan to “Transfer” your Estate to your Legacy.

Like it or not, the IRS has an employee sitting down at Denny’s waiting for those “un-planned” transfers.

IRA’s…yes, your spouse will inherit that IRA as a Spousal Beneficiary IRA. But Ed Slott our RETIREMENT TAX EXPERT on PBS, warns that your IRA over time and at transfer can be a “TAX TIME BOMB’…if left unplanned.

Estate Taxes…while not an issue in 2010, is a growing concern to your Estate. No one knows when that transfer might occur! Ask Elvis, Anna Nicole Smith,or Jim Kick the marathon champ.

Do you know, properly planned you can leave a much larger Estate to your heirs TAX FREE, than fully taxable?!?!

Two Types of Investors who listen in to our show each and every week…

RWTR-couple1Mainstream Investors

As we say Uncle Bob & Aunt Mary, Mom & Dad, and people like you and I.  Normal needs, conservative lifestyles working to support our families and build a solid retirement future and protect our spouse in case something happens to me.

We have solutions to your retirement needs regardless of which Phase of Retirement you are currently.

“You have just enough money to retire… do not risk it”!

Accredited Investors

Defined in most states as individuals and married couple who have a Net Worth of $1Million or more (not including your primary residence).

As you might guess, Mainstream and Accredited Investors both have almost identical retirement needs.  Both will live in Retirement as they did during their lives building to retirement. 

For Accredited Investors we have different options available to you due to your Net Worth that are very attractive to high net worth individuals.

Yes… every week on the show you hear…
”You have way more than enough money to retire… do not risk it! Why risk everything – for something you do not need”?

Yet, every week we see mainstream couples 90, 94, 98% at risk in the market… as well as Accredited Investor couple with $4 Million, $10 Million and more… taking huge risks and paying enormous fees with the result almost every time… LOSS. 100% AVOIDABLE!


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